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Tune in, Smoke up, and Unwind.

Ganja Yoga online offers cannabis-infused yoga classes for all levels. Our platform provides access to 100+ yoga videos of different lengths and skill levels so that you find the class that suits you, no matter how you're feeling. With Ganja Yoga, you can learn to use cannabis to enhance your yoga practice and discover a new level of relaxation and mindfulness.

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Ganja Yogi

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Ganja Yoga Event

​Your Subscription includes:

  • 100+ classes, in a variety of yoga practice styles and lengths, for all bodies and levels, so you'll always find the class that you need!

  •  Cannabis education and appreciation, including CBD, terpenes, and methods.

  •  Tips for good alignment that will keep your practice healthy (Ganja Yoga Online is a great place for beginners to yoga and older folks, but everyone seems to love it!).

  •  Trauma-informed, relaxation-based, mindful yoga. Learn how cannabis can enhance your yoga practice.

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