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Yin-Yoga can help let go of the stress, anxiety, and muscle pain that is holding you back from achieving your dreams!

Recharge your battery, heal the body, and get the relief that you need…from the comfort of your home!

Combate el estrés con yoga

       Yoga for stress relief is a great way to make friends, relieve anxiety and depresión y tener un cuerpo y una mente sanos. Los estudios han encontrado que el yoga puede aumentar la autocompasión y reducir los síntomas de la depresión. Y aquellos que practican yoga con regularidad tienden a informar que duermen mejor por la noche.

Nos especializamos en Yin yoga, pero también ofrecemos Hatha yoga y vinyasa yoga. El yin yoga es un estilo de yoga lento e introspectivo diseñado para relajar los músculos y afectar el tejido conectivo del cuerpo y alrededor de las articulaciones. Yin yoga es una excelente manera de relajarse, aliviar el estrés y reenfocar la mente cansada.

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Yin Yoga has it all - Relaxation, Introspection, & Relief 

…Before moving forward, think about this:

  • Have you been low on sleep lately? No matter what you do, sleep never comes to you.

  • Your back pain takes most of your day away because it gets really difficult for you to be on your toes

  • Does the neck and shoulder pain sour most of your mood for the day?

  • Perhaps, the anxiety you’re dealing with holds you back on a daily basis

If either of these statements made you feel like we’re talking about you, your body needs a change. 
And lucky for you, Yin-Yoga does just that!


El alivio del estrés

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Mejora la flexibilidad

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Mejora la calidad del sueño

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Conexión mente-cuerpo

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For those who have never practiced yin yoga, it can be a little intimidating. 

However, it is one of the most effective and relaxing styles of yoga.

Yin yoga is practiced at home or in a studio and focuses on letting go of your effort, allowing gravity to do the work for you. This allows you to focus more on your breath and body awareness rather than trying to force yourself into a pose.

This type of yoga works by targeting the fascia and connective tissue around the joints. This is where tension is felt so targeting these areas is more effective than actively stretching the muscle.

How can it help you turn your life around?

Yin-Yoga is not something you do one day and forget about it the next. It is a lifestyle and lifestyles require adaptation and changes. It not only involves doing yoga on a day-to-day basis but also shares the innate quality of getting your body connected physically and mentally. 

  • You get to experience the joys of life

  • It increases your intention and attention in life

  • Help you develop mindfulness

  • Helps you develop anti-fragility

  • Teaches you about the reality of human variations

How can we help you?

Yin yoga is the perfect way to relieve your aches and pains while strengthening your muscles and improving your overall flexibility.

I am a certified personal trainer as well as a yin yoga teacher, so I have an in-depth understanding of the body and how to strengthen weak muscles while releasing tension. My classes are available to all skill levels and can be practiced at home to find relief outside of the studio. 

It helps you practice acceptance and change your perception of pain.

Got 20 mins? Give Yin a Try! 


¿Cuál es el secreto de  vida?



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