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Surya Bhedan Pranayama

Sitting comfortably, the yogi should become fixed in his posture and slowlybreathe the air in through the right nostril.

-2.48 HYP

Retention should then be held until the breath diffuses to the roots of the hairand tips of the nails. Then slowly exhale through the left nostril. 

-2.49 HYP

Suryabheda is excellent for purifying the cranium, destroying imbalances of the wind dosha and eliminating worms. It should be done again and again. 

-2.50 HYP

Don't Force Anything! It is in our nature to try and perfect things, so when you first begin a pranayama practice you may feel the urge to try and perfect it right away. If we approach pranayama in this way it can lead to injury, so it's important to approach each practice with an idea of using the least amount of energy possible. If a noise is too loud, this shows that there is an excessive inner struggle going on. It requires the use of various muscles for exhaling, and for controlling the breath to make the sound. When practicing, it is important to use the muscles gently, so that the internal energy flow is gentle so that stress isn't created 

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