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Fueling Your Practice with GoMacro: A Nutritious Bar Breakdown

gomacro vegan protein bars - healthy snacks

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As a yoga teacher, I'm all about finding tasty, energizing snacks to power me through those long days of classes and running around. Lately, these goMacro protein bars have been getting major hype in the healthy living world, with people raving about their clean ingredients and nutritional perks. So of course I had to put them to the test myself.

The Deal With the Taste and Texture

When you bite into a goMacro bar, the first thing you'll notice is just how dense and chewy these babies are. They've got some serious heft and chew factor from all the nuts, seeds, and nut butters packed in there. No airy protein bar vibes here.

The flavors cover a nice range from decadent indulgences like Chocolate Chip (OMG) to more earthy options like Peanut Butter Protein. If you're a sweets person like me, those dessert-vibed flavors really hit the spot when you want something rich and satisfying, but still made with good-for-you vegan ingredients. That Chocolate Chip legit tastes like you're eating a fancy chocolate bar.

What's Actually In These Things?

One of the major selling points of GoMacro bars is that they're 100% vegan and use really solid, clean ingredients. We're talking nuts, seeds, nut butters, brown rice protein, dried get the picture. No shady artificial junk or preservatives hiding in there.

Now, because they're so nutty and seed-packed, these bars are definitely calorie dense. And they pack a good amount of fat too...but it's all those healthy unsaturated fats, so no need to trip.

The Nutrient Breakdown

In the nutrition department, each goMacro bar has an impressive 10-12 grams of plant protein along with 4-8 grams of fiber. That combo of protein and fiber is clutch for keeping you satisfied until your next meal. They're also packing respectable amounts of important minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Now, they're not going to cover all your vitamin and mineral bases, but as a hearty snack or mini-meal to keep you fueled, they've definitely got some nutritional perks.

The Kiddo Line is Solid Too

gomacro kids - healthy snacks for children

Heads up that GoMacro also makes a line of kid-friendly snack bars too! The GoMacro Kids bars come in fun flavors like Chocolate Brownie and Sunny Orange that are perfect for satisfying little ones' sweet cravings.

Unlike most candybar-esque snacks marketed towards kids, these have zero sketchy artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They use the same quality plant-based ingredients as the original bars, just with a bit less protein and more of a snackable, lunchbox-friendly size and texture. At around 110-130 calories each, they make a solid better-for-you refuel for hangry kiddos after school.

The Cost

Okay, let's talk price since these aren't your run-of-the-mill protein bars. We're looking at $2-3 per bar, so GoMacro bars are definitely a premium snack item. If you're looking for cheap fuel, these probably aren't it, but if you're all about high-quality vegan ingredients and don't mind treating yourself, the price might be worth it. You can sometimes catch deals if you buy in bulk from their website or on Or start with one of their variety packs to try out flavors before committing to a full box.

The Verdict

All in all, I'm solidly team goMacro bar over here. The flavors and textures are (mostly) on point for when you need a tasty, nutrient-dense, plant-based bite. And I appreciate that they use high-quality wholesome ingredients without a bunch of junk.

They aren't exactly cheap, but most healthier snacks are going to be more expensive, but it's totally worth the money. I've definitely incorporated GoMacro bars into my regular healthy snacking routine to help power me through my crazy days. If you're looking for a vegan protein bar that doesn't skimp on taste or quality, these are 100% worth a try!

Let me know if you've sampled these bars and what you thought of them! Peace yogis.

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