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Top 5 Excellent Yoga Mats you should try immediately

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Top 5 Yoga Mats that can Bring Your Practice to the Next Level

Finding the correct yoga mat is critical to your emotional and physical well-being during your practice. An overly sticky mat can disrupt your flow in a Vinyasa sequence, while a mat with insufficient traction can cause injury during a Bikram yoga class session. It means a plush, griping yoga mat is always necessary, irrespective of the type of yoga you perform.

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What are the best yoga mats to buy in 2022?

Yoga mats are flexible pieces of fitness equipment that are used in a variety of home workout programs. Having a perfect yoga mat that provides you the correct grip and support is essential whether you're going to a local yoga class or practicing yoga at home. While it may appear that selecting a mat is simple, there are other variables to consider, including mobility, grip and feel, padding and thickness, and overall value.

When buying a yoga mat, what should you look for?

When you take away the eye-catching patterns, you're left with four simple criteria:

1. Grip: This refers to the mat's top and bottom surface textures. Having a pleasant yoga practice is tough when you can't plant your hands in a downward dog without slipping. Mats composed of sticky materials, such as rubber or mats with a non-slip coating, are good options. Your mat should lay level on any surface, including carpets and tiles, and give the most secure foundation possible.
2. Support: Choose a yoga mat that is thick enough to protect your fragile spine from hard floors but not too thick that your limbs purely sink into it, causing you to lose your balance. Mats with a thickness of 4mm to 6mm are usually ideal.
3. Durability: Your yoga mat won't have to resist high-intensity interval training or dropped dumbbells, but it should be able to withstand dynamic practice without rips or dents.
4. Portability: A mat with good get-up-and-go capabilities can be a terrific yoga buddy if you prefer an outdoor yoga practice. If you like Yoga or Mat Pilates in the park, look for thinner mats, roll up quickly, and include a carry strap.
Before picking your favorites from this list of best yoga mats to buy, we would like to tell you that we have also examined sustainability, style, and any unique characteristics features in searching for the finest yoga mats for 2022.

So, without wasting any time, let's dive into the list of the best yoga mats to buy in 2022 for improved yoga posture technique!


Top 5 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2022

[Best Pick for Home use]

[Best for Environment]

[Best Budget Pick]

[Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat]

[Best Yoga Mat for Travel]

[Not your Typical Yoga Mats]

No mat achieved a perfect overall score because this number is an average. Their portability score suffered because several of the mats with the best padding and grip were huge and heavy. Some lightweight and portable mats didn't lay flat or give enough padding.

In my Opinion, these are the best yoga mats to buy in 2022 on the market today.

What makes Gaiam yoga mats perfect for home use is they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to roll out for a quick session then thrown back in the closet until next time. Gaiam also has a ton of different colors and patterns to choose from and they won't break the bank!

Cons- It shows stains and dirt, can be slippary on hard surfaces, feels thin, even at 5 mm

Pros- Easily rolls out flat, many colors and patterns to choose from, durable

Size: 68"L x 24"W x 5mm. | Weight: 3.5 pounds | Thickness: 5 millimeters | Material: PVC. Latex-Free. 6P Free: Free of DEHP, DBP,

BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP phthalates.

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 3/5

Grip & Feel- 3/5

Portability- 4/5

Overall Value- 3.5/5

Best for Environment:Jade Harmony Yoga Mats

Jade Yoga mats are my personal favorite, they have a few different mat styles to choose from, but for my money I would choose a Harmony mat. The Harmony mat has a great worn-in feel to it, and grips the floor so you won’t slide while jumping to the top of the mat or into a handstand. It also is thick enough to remain comfortable for the knees and sit bones, but you still feel connected to the ground during standing poses.

Another huge benefit of Jade Yoga mats is that the mats are made from natural rubber tapped from rubber trees. They contain no PVC, EVA or anyother synthetic rubber, and are made in the United States. It gets better! fOR EVERY MAT SOLD, JADE WILL PLANT A TREE! They accomplish this through their partnership with Trees for the Future and they have planted over two million trees so far, so buying a jade mat helps plant trees that will remain on the Earth for centuries!

Cons- Oils might make the floor slippery, when new the top and bottom curl up, can get dry if it’s left out in the sun.

Pros- Great grip for your practice and won’t slide on the floor, No PVC or synthetic material,

good for hot yoga, good durability, JADE PLANTS A TREE FOR EVERY MAT SOLD

Size: 88” X 24”, 71” X 24”, 78 X 24” l Weight: 4.5 pounds lThickness: 3/16” | Material: Rubber

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 3/5

Grip & Feel- 5/5

Portability- 5/5

Overall Value- 5/5

Check out to check out their full collection

Best Budget Pick: NewMe Yoga Poses Yoga Mat

Guide your own yoga session with the NewMe Yoga Mat. The printed guides on the mat help make your hand and feet placement easier.

The winning quality of this mat, aside from the cheap price has got to be the graphics on the mat! Not sure what poses to practice? With this mat, all you have to do is look down and pick whatever pose looks enticing! There are 70 different yoga poses so you can mix and match, to make your practice new everyday. Most yoga mats made of natural rubber are heavy, this yoga mat by NewMe is an open cell design made up of 100% PVC, making it reasonably light and easy to carry. The disadvantage of having a lightweight mat is that it lacks the heaviness and might slip on a hardwood surface with more advanced asana practice. It played great in our sweat test, making it an excellent choice for anyone who performs hot yoga on a regular basis.

The price really can't be beat for this quality yoga mat. For under $30 you can have this reliable and informative mat!

Cons- Plastic feel to it. Might slip, not great for jumping into inversions.

Pros- Very lightweight, Yoga poses are right on the mat, Anti-Microbial, Can't be the price!

Size: 24" x 68" | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Thickness: 5 millimeters | Material: BPA free, Latex free, 16P free

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 3/5

Grip & Feel- 4/5

Portability- 5/5

Overall Value- 4/5

Best Non-Slip Pick: Manduka PRO

The Manduka PRO is known for taking a few minutes to break in before it becomes the non-slip mat that everyone raves about. We were thrilled with its out-of-the-box grip compared to some of the other mats we tested, and we gave it a five out of five ratings. As the manufacturer suggested, our tester didn't need to use a yoga towel to keep from slipping.

It has a reputation for being one of the highest-quality mats on the market, and many seasoned yogis and instructors prefer it. In our testing, we discovered that it lived up to the hype.

Cons- Expensive, heavy to carry around, and requires high-maintenance care

Pros- Available in two lengths and eight colors, with a lifetime guarantee and no latex.

Size: 71 x 26 inches and 85 x 26 inches | Weight: 7.5 pounds and 8.8 pounds | Thickness: 6

millimeters | Material: PVC

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 4.5/5

Grip & Feel- 5/5

Portability- 3.5/5

Overall Value- 4/5

It was one of the lightest rubber mats wet tested, weighing 2.2 pounds, which is impressive considering its size. The Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat may be the ideal option for you if you want nearly all of the benefits of a great yoga mat in a smaller, travel-friendly package. The mat's mobility was a big hit with our testers, who gave it a five out of five.

Cons- It may be slippery at first, and it's very thin in terms of cushioning.

Pros- Exceptionally light, can be rolled or folded easily, is non-toxic, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Size: 71 x 24 inches | Weight: 2.2 pounds | Thickness: 1.5 millimeters | Material: Eco-friendly rubber

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 4.5/5

Grip & Feel- 4/5

Portability- 5/5

Overall Value- 4/5

These mats are made from Dharba grass and cotton. Dharba grass is tropical grass that grows in India and is considered sacred. They look and feel much different than a regular yoga mat, but variety is the spice of life!! These mats are handwoven by rural artisans in India, and each purchase helps these people support their families... which is amazing!

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this type of mat for a hot yoga class or even a vinyasa style class, but I do like feeling the texture of the dharba grass under my feet as I move through my practice, it actually makes you more aware of your foot placement and where your weight is distributed. I should mention that it's recommended to place a regular mat underneath to keep from slipping on hard surfaces.

Cons- Slips on hard surfaces, not suitable for hot yoga or vinyasa practices

Pros- Soft texture under your feet, purchase helps support artisans in India

Size: 72 x 26 inches | Weight: 2.5 pounds | Thickness: 5 millimeters | Material: Woven with Dharba Grass

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 4/5

Grip & Feel- 4.5/5

Portability- 4/5

Overall Value- 4.5/5

At first glance, it might seem ridiculous to practice yoga on a rug, but it actually is really enjoyable! I don't have one myself (I did just order one though!) but I tried out a friends rug and I was pleasantly surprised! I don't think I would feel comfortable doing jump throughs and more advanced transitions on it, because it's a little slippery against the floor but it feels

so nice under your feet and sit bones. It's easy to roll up and lightweight so it can be thrown in the trunk so you can practice wherever you are!

Cons- Slips on hard surfaces, Hard to grip with hands and feet.

Pros- Super comfortable to sit or stand on. Lightweight and durable. Machine washable.

Size: 78 x 27inches | Weight: 2 pounds | Thickness: 4 millimeters | Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Rating on Performance:

Padding & Thickness- 3.5/5

Grip & Feel- 3/5

Portability- 4.5/5

Overall Value- 4/5


The Final Verdict

We hope this list was helpful for you to make your decision to buy the best yoga mats in 2022. The best yoga mat to buy in 2022 is really a matter of personal preference, so figure out what is important to you and search for the mat that fits the list. The picks in this post are the tops in each category, some mats are expensive, others are super cheap, so try a few different styles out and see which one resonates with you. The best overall pick is the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat because of it's durability, feel, and the whole buy a mat, plant a tree thing... I mean how do you beat that?!

From the portability and durability, to the look and feel, alo has it all going on! It was difficult to narrow the list down to just 5 because there are so many awesome yoga mats on the market! I never knew that you could practice using a Cotton Yoga Rug or a Dharba Grass Mat before deciding to make this list, but now I have two new mats to experience! Keep a look out for reviews of each!


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