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I am loving because it is filled with all kinds of different content to help me deepen my practice and teachings as well as keep it fresh and new! As a yoga teacher I am always looking for ideas to inspire me to theme a class or write a workshop about and has a ton of interesting articles that cover a wide range of topics. I read an article titled, “3 common myths about Ganja Yoga” and it answered the questions that I had about the topic. I have plans to start Ganja Yoga in New Jersey because of the recent recreational legalization of cannabis in the state so I am always looking for more information so that I can set myself up for success. By reading the article I learned 3 sticking points that might keep people from trying out the practice so I can now develop a plan to overcome those issues.

The articles that they offer are a boon to new teachers or anyone interested in learning more about yoga philosophy, the practice or the business around it, but that isn't the only thing that has to offer. offers so much stuff! They have a wide range of classes and workshops that are categorized by focus, so that you can practice based on what it is that you need in that moment. There are 8 different filters to find the perfect class for you, but my favorite is the focus filter, just pick what you were looking for and get your practice started! They offer live streaming classes or ones that you can download and take whenever, it's a perfect way to maintain you practice no matter where you are.

The last great thing about that I wanted to mention was the awesome yoga challenges that they offer. I think these challenges are an interactive way to keep yoga fun and interesting while also deepening your knowledge and improving your practice. These challenges are great way to keep people mindful even off their mats. People love to be challenged and love to work hard to succeed, it feels good to put all that energy and effort into overcoming the challenge. When we actually succeed and we complete the challenge then we feel like all of that effort was worth it because we have finally won. We all like to win, right? Of course we do! And the best part about winning is that it motivates us to keep on trying, to keep practicing which is what it's all about!!

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